Celebrating Juneteenth: A Journey to Freedom and Beyond

Celebrating Juneteenth: A Journey to Freedom and Beyond

As we approach June 19th, we at The Blackest Co. are reminded of the profound significance of Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. This momentous occasion is not only a celebration of freedom but also a reminder of the resilience, strength, and enduring spirit of the African American community.

historical photo of several well dress African Americans celebrating Juneteenth in the 1900

Emancipation Day celebration, June 19, 1900 held in "East Woods" on East 24th Street in Austin. Credit: Austin History Center.

The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth

Juneteenth, also known as Emancipation Day, marks the day in 1865 when Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, and announced the end of the Civil War and the freedom of all enslaved people. This announcement came two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, which had officially outlawed slavery in the Confederate states.

The delay in enforcing the proclamation meant that for thousands of enslaved people in Texas, freedom did not come until Granger's arrival. On June 19, 1865, General Order No. 3 was read aloud, bringing with it the news of liberation and setting off joyous celebrations among the newly freed people.

General Order No. 3, issued by Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger, June 19, 1865

General Order No. 3, issued by Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger, June 19, 1865. The order was written in a volume beginning on one page and continuing to the next. National Archives.

The Importance of Juneteenth Today

Juneteenth is a day of reflection, learning, and recognition of the struggles and triumphs of African Americans. It serves as a poignant reminder of the long and arduous journey towards freedom and equality. The holiday is celebrated with community gatherings, educational events, music, food, and the display of African American culture and achievements.

The significance of Juneteenth has grown over the years, becoming an official state holiday in Texas in 1980, and more recently, it was recognized as a federal holiday on June 17, 2021, when President Joe Biden signed legislation making Juneteenth a national holiday. This recognition underscores the importance of acknowledging and honoring the history and contributions of African Americans to the fabric of the United States.


Celebrating Juneteenth with The Blackest Co.

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woman smiling in a Juneteenth t-shirt


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Join Us in Commemorating Juneteenth

This Juneteenth, join us in celebrating the progress made and acknowledging the work that still lies ahead. Wear your Juneteenth t-shirt with pride, participate in local events, educate yourself and others about the history of this important day, and honor the enduring spirit of the African American community.

By commemorating Juneteenth, we not only pay tribute to our past but also commit to a future where freedom and equality are a reality for all. From all of us at The Blackest Co., we wish you a reflective, joyous, and empowering Juneteenth. 🖤


For more information on the historical legacy of Juneteenth, visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture and The National Archives

Note: Images sourced from the National Museum of African American History, the National Archives and Culture and TheBlackest Co.

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