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Welcome to The Blackest Black Owned T-shirt Company on the Planet!

TheBlackest Co.

A Black-owned design studio and apparel company nestled in the vibrant landscape of South Florida. I'm Fred (Frederick Douglas - no kidding), the brains behind the operation. After graduating from Florida A&M University (Go Rattlers!), I clocked over a decade in the corporate fashion and apparel scene before deciding to carve my own path in the business world. I've got a deep love for the apparel game—turning ideas into wearable art is a personal passion.

My journey
kicked off while still in FAMU for Graphic Design. I scored a part-time job scrubbing screen-printing frames for a local print shop. Through sheer persistence - (i.e., strategic annoyance), I clawed my way out of the washroom and into a design role and eventually became a senior designer for several global apparel corporations with licensed products like NBA, NFL, WWE, Ecko, Walmart, and more.

graduation diploma

Growing up with my NAACP chapter president/father, I was always a student of history, our history, Black history. It was in our DNA. It wasn't the standard "Black history month" stuff either—I heard tales of resilient, heroic African Americans who fought tooth and nail for their rightful place as first-class American citizens. Yes, there were horrors and tragedies at the hands of racist systems, but it was also fascinating and empowering. The willpower of regular folks, in extraordinary circumstances, shaped my outlook on life, and that's what history is all about—to equip today's people with the tools and lessons of our ancestors. Our history's heroes were often watered down to appease white fragility, but we say "no more." It's time to break free from diluted history lessons and stand unapologetically.

So, I'm raising my three kids with the same passion my father gave me. The younger generation are quick learners, knowledge spreaders, and injustice warriors. There's a reason so many are trying to censor information from them—it's an attempt to rewrite history and control the next generation of truth seekers, fighters and allies. They want to whitewash them into putting down the torch. And we aren't having it.

man checking sample t-shirt print
"So, What’s With The Name?"

Well, as you can see by my photos, I’m obviously not out here claiming to be the "Blackest Black Person on the Planet" - it's a cheeky play on words that amuses me. But there's more to it: In this country, being any POC often means you might as well embrace the title of the Blackest. Historically, anyone in America who explicitly isn't white, regardless of shade, has experienced American racism. We share a common struggle. We share a common pride.

So, we've decided to celebrate our uniqueness and proudly proclaim ourselves THE Blackest Black Owned T-shirt company on the Planet! We circulate Black dollars, contribute to worthy causes (we 🖤 Black Girls Code), and support other Black-owned businesses because we believe in the power of unity.

Thanks for being part of TheBlackest Co. journey. Your mere presence adds depth to our narrative.

Big love to our fans and customers—your love and support keep this ship sailing. Literally couldn't do it without you. Everything we do is for our kids, our families, our people, and the culture.

Let's spark some self-knowledge. Let’s learn, keep, and share REAL history—no filters, no whitewash! 🖤 TheBlackest Co.

Black History. Real Black.