The Harlem Hellfighters: Heroes of WWI and WWII - Icons of Black Excellence

The Harlem Hellfighters: Heroes of WWI and WWII - Icons of Black Excellence

Harlem's Finest Embodied on Our Finest Apparel

The Harlem Hellfighters, originally the 15th New York National Guard Regiment, were an all-African American infantry regiment who carved their place in history during World War I and II. They faced systemic racism in the U.S yet went on to earn international acclaim for their battlefield valor. Show your support for their legacy with The Blackest Co.'s graphic tees, hoodies, and hats that pay homage to these extraordinary men.

From Harlem to the Frontlines

Hailing from the vibrant cultural hub of Harlem and surrounding Black neighborhoods, these men were initially denied the chance to fight due to pervasive racism within the American military. Undeterred, they were eventually assigned to the French Army, marking the start of their extraordinary journey. Celebrate Black history - and support a genuine Black-owned business - with our impactful collection of Harlem Hellfighters apparel.

They Earned Their Name in the Trenches

The Harlem Hellfighters spent an astonishing 191 days in continuous combat, longer than any other American unit in World War I. Their tenacious fighting spirit and battlefield heroics struck fear into their German enemies, earning them the nickname "Hellfighters." The French government recognized their unmatched valor with the prestigious Croix de Guerre medal.

Heroes' Welcome, Change on the Horizon

Upon their return to the United States, the Harlem Hellfighters were finally celebrated with a triumphant parade in New York City. Their sacrifices symbolized the fight for racial equality, highlighting the undeniable strength and resilience of the Black community. Boldly display your support for the Harlem Hellfighters and Black excellence with our graphic tees, hoodies, and hats.

A Legacy of Pride and Perseverance

The Harlem Hellfighters defied expectations, serving with distinction despite facing prejudice both at home and on the battlefield. Their story is a reminder of the ongoing fight against systemic racism and a testament to the unwavering spirit of Black Americans.

Honor the Hellfighters, Elevate Your Style

Wear the legacy of the Harlem Hellfighters on your sleeve – or your chest, or your head! Shop The Blackest Co. collection of graphic tees, hoodies, and hats. This entire collection proudly declares your connection to Black history, excellence, and the pursuit of true equality.

Learn More!

  1. National Museum of African American History and Culture - Remembering the Harlem Hellfighters: This website offers a well-written overview of the Harlem Hellfighters, including their formation, combat experiences, and their impact on American history. (

  2. Library of Congress - Harlem Hell Fighters: African-American Troops in World War I: This offers a more in-depth look at the history of the Harlem Hellfighters. Visitors can find newspaper articles, photographs, and firsthand accounts. (

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